Photo of Logan

I’m a Video Game SFX Artist based in Michigan! I’m currently working on Alter Evo at Technical Fiction. Thanks for checking out my page!

Growing up, I played piano, composed, and recorded music. I also played video games and sunk many hours into Nintendo DS titles like Rhythm Heaven and Pokemon HeartGold. Thinking I would work in a recording studio, I went to study music and sound engineering in college.

My second year of university was when I discovered game audio. I joined a student-run game development club called WolverineSoft Studio. Even though game development was new to me, I loved tinkering with synthesizers and creating weird sounds which turned out to be a useful game audio skill. Once I created my first sound effects for WolverineSoft Studio, I realized that I thrived in game audio and game development, so took it up as a career.

I am always intrigued by indie games because of their innovation and character. They bring so many great ideas and stories to light. I want to build those stories with sound for other people so they can experience something remarkable.

During my spare time, I might be playing a board game, learning about birds, reading a book, or as of recently, watching urbanist Youtube content (Not Just Bikes)!

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or shoot me an email at I’d be happy to chat!